Heaney vs Flatley 2
Heaney vs Flatley 2
25 March 2023 Telford International Centre

Live on BT Sport

NATHAN HEANEY rematched Jack Flatley with the vacant WBA Continental middleweight title at stake and Andrew Cain attempted to defend his WBC International Silver super bantamweight title against Ionut Baluta when Queensberry returned to the Telford International Centre on Saturday March 25, live on BT Sport.

25 March 2023 Telford International Centre
Nathan Heaney
Heaney vs Flatley 2

Vacant WBA Continental middleweight title

Heaney UD

Andrew Cain
Ionut Baluta
Cain vs Baluta

WBC International Silver super bantamweight title

Baluta SD

plus full undercard featuring
Moses Itauma
Moses Ituma vs Ramon Ibarra

Moses KO 1

Jason Cunningham
Jason Cunningham vs Miguel Gonzalez

vacant WBO International Super-Bantamweight Championship

Cunningham UD

Raven Chapman
Raven Chapman vs Linda Laura Lecca

WBC International Featherweight

Chapman UD

Owen Cooper
Owen Cooper vs Eber Tobar

Cooper TKO 2

Brad Strand
Brad Strand vs Kevin Trana

Strand PTS

Ezra Taylor
Ezra Taylor vs Ales Makovec

Taylor TKO 2

Macauley Owen vs Christian Lopez Flores

Owen PTS

Ben Fail
Ben Fail vs Eligio Palacios

Fail KO 6

Jimmy Smith vs M.J Hall

PTS Smith

Natty Ngwenya vs Pawel Strykowski

PTS Ngwenya

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