Gwynne vs Marsili, Noakes vs Perez
Gwynne vs Marsili, Noakes vs Perez
1 December 2023 York Hall, London

Following an injury sustained to Hamzah Sheeraz the Sheeraz vs Williams fight card has been moved to the 1st of December at London’s York Hall. Ticketholders, for the original date, are advised to contact their point of purchase. To purchase tickets visit   Doors open at York Hall at 17:00

1 December 2023 York Hall, London
Gavin Gwynne
Gwynne vs Marsili

vacant EBU European Lightweight Championship

Gwynne – RTD 8

Sam Noakes
Noakes vs Perez

WBC International Silver & Commonwealth Lightweight Champion

plus full undercard featuring
Raven Chapman
Chapman vs Sedlackova

WBC International Featherweight Champion

Chapman – UD

Brad Strand
Strand vs John

WBO European Super-Bantamweight Championship

Strand – UD

Moses Itauma
Itauma vs Delgado

Ituama – TKO 1

Royston Barney-Smith
Barney Smith vs Velazco

Barney-Smith – TKO 3

Birardi vs Duffas

Biradi – TKO 1

Umar Khan
Khan vs Caicedo

Khan – PTS

Sonny Liston Ali
Liston Ali vs Mosquera

Liston Ali – PTS

Joel Kodua
Kodua vs Barosa

Kodua – PTS

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