FOUR CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS will be on the line on Saturday in Telford when Liam Davies takes on Jason Cunningham in the headliner at the Telford International Centre, live on TNT Sports. Today, the lead characters from the card – Davies, Cunningham, Moses Itauma, Eithan James and James Moorcroft – met the media and spoke the final words before the big fight night.

Below is a selection of key quotes from the event.

Liam Davies
I am feeling a million dollars, everything has gone good, I feel like all the fights I’ve taken in my career so far have built me into this position. He wants to show he is No.1 super bantamweight, but I am No.1 and on Saturday night you are gonna see why because I’m going to do a number on him. He messaged me saying he was going to smash my head in and since I’ve seen him everything’s changed. In a few days we will get to see whose head gets smashed in. I am going to take you out inside 12 rounds, you’re old, you’re weak and slow, man. You’re too small, you’re thin. Trust me, I know what is going to happen. I stand by everything I’ve said, it’s personal and I am going to settle it on Saturday.

Jason Cunningham
I have heard it all before about being written off and I have been in these four-belt fights before. Telford has become my second home since I have been with Queensberry but, obviously, I expect it to be a bit more hostile on Saturday night. I am very much looking forward to it, I’m excited to be back out again on the big stage, with it being TNT’s first show with Queensberry. So it is all good, main event, I am looking forward to a great fight to show why I am the No.1 super bantamweight with Queensberry. It’s kind of been the Liam show and even this week I’ve just let him do what he does and enjoy building it up. It goes straight over my head, he can’t get under my skin. It is only a matter of days away, the talking is done and he can keep going on as much as he wants. I cannot wait for Saturday night. It has proper put the fire in my belly, Telford is in for a great fight.

Moses Itauma
I’d say I was happy to get the rounds in last time. Obviously in my first two fights I was boxing doughnuts so it was good to get those rounds under my belt and I am looking to put on another performance on Saturday night. I don’t really take notice of other fights, I hope Matty Harris gets back on his feet and maybe we can get something sorted. Saturday night is my main focus and whatever happens after that is after that. It has obviously been tough sparring with Dubois getting ready for Usyk. I feel like it is my time and I will let Dubois handle his business. This is my fight now. I’d never rule out Dubois, he’s got that puncher’s chance, but it is a big ask. Against Espindola, these are the step-ups I’ve been asking for so I’m happy I’ve got them and I can show my skill set on Saturday night. It will get me in the talk with the other British heavyweights.

Eithan James
We have had a good camp, have been abroad and sparred some good people. Obviously we have had some setbacks but I am finally getting this title shot now. I have been asking for step-ups all the way along, there have been a couple of pull-outs and that is not what we want. He is a good lad with good credits on his card and hopefully I get one on my card on Saturday night. This is the pro game and it is completely different, but having the experience from going abroad against different styles plays into my hands, with being able to adapt. But on Saturday night he will be a different style again so I will have to do what I do best and adapt to win. It is never my plan to go in there and stop people. I can do the rounds, my legs can do the rounds and now I feel a lot stronger at welterweight. I ask my sparring partners so I know I punch hard enough to be in there for 10 rounds. I win by being me.

James Moorcroft
It is a massive fight and I have been in some big fights, but nothing compares to this in England on a massive show on TNT Sports. I am ready for a big fight and I’m ready to go. I’m feeling great, I’ve been with Anthony (Crolla) now for about three years and I feel like it is all just coming together. Anthony is going to let me off the reins, I hope, on Saturday night and we are in for a good night of boxing. I’m more than ready for this now. It feels amazing, I am in with a quality guy in Eithan James, I have done my homework and looked at him and I cannot congratulate him enough on his phenomenal amateur career. But amateur and professional boxing are two worlds apart at times and I am ready to put it all on the line and give everything on Saturday night. It is time to bust the bookies!

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