By Richard Hubbard

Josh Warrington

Josh Warrington would like it to be known that when commentators refer to his former profession as a ‘dental technician’, he was not the one handing over the little cup of mouthwash or sticking the device that hoovers up excess saliva in the mouths of patients.

The work of Warrington was a little bit more complex than that, while he also admits he doesn’t quite fit the bill as a pretty dental assistant.

“Everyone seems to think that!” laughed the Leeds Warrior, who returns to the ring against Kiko Martinez in his home city on May 13. “I never saw the patients, I was in a lab away from it all. It is like a bit of art when you are putting teeth together using bits of porcelain.

“I also had about 20 gumshields when I worked there because we made them as well!

“Working there allowed me to have driving lessons and buy a car. After boxing and going back to work, it gave me a different focus.”

Earning a crust, for Warrington, was par for the course because his grounding in the game came via the small hall circuit. His first appearance at his now home fortress of the Leeds Arena didn’t come until he fought for the British title and defended his Commonwealth belt in May 2014.

“I am one of those geezers that knows money doesn’t grow on trees and I knew it could be a few years before I started making any. Some fighters are decorated with sponsors, they’ve only had one or two fights and are in a fortunate position, so fair play to them.

“For me, I needed money to come in because bills don’t pay themselves and it can be a long wait for fights. I’m in a position to do it now, but I was still working up to my European title in 2014.

“I fell into the job just doing a bit of assistant work and then the gaffer said I had to go to university if I wanted to carry on doing it because it looked like I had an eye for it.

“I went to day release at uni and people thought it was mad being a dental technician. The job is making teeth, not being a dentist’s assistant, it is like making dentures sat in a lab at a desk.

“It is delicate work and you need a bit of focus for it.”

A job you can get your teeth into…


Joe Pigford

Super welterweight Joe Pigford is facing the toughest fight of his career to date when he takes on the also unbeaten Aaron Morgan at the Copper Box on May 20 on the undercard of Liam Walsh‘s challenge for the world title of Gervonta Davis.

But the Southampton based Pigford has another tricky battle on his hands – arranging transport for his barmy army of followers.

Pigford’s herd of fans are a raucous bunch, who would follow him by the bus load to the four corners of the country.

For the trip to London, the train will most likely have to take the strain due to a bus strike.

“They like a trip, but the coach companies don’t!” admitted the 12-0 Pigford. “I’ve been banned from like every company because they leave it in a bit of a mess.

“It has been easy for people to come and watch me and I just sold tickets to my mates. They get drunk early in the day and then just go mad all night! It’s all good and a big part of boxing, having a good following.”

Pigford likes a bit of Madness in more ways than, given that his signature tune is the famous hit ‘One Step Beyond’.

“When I was proper young and watching boxing I used to think I would come out to ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ but I had a little look at the songs and picked that. It seems to have worked.

“You don’t know until you try it, but it seems to have gone down quite well.

“I like Madness anyway because I’m quite into the old music. I wait behind the curtain until the intro is over and when it goes I walk out.

“That is when I know I am in a fight.”

Continuing the Madness theme, let’s just hope his fans aren’t left waiting for the train that never comes.


Lyon Woodstock In Action

Lyon Woodstock enjoyed some surprising reading when he browsed a press release this week ahead of his Midlands Area title challenge against Paul Holt at the Leicester Arena on Saturday.

The release stated that he would be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet for the second time.

“Great write up apart from the fact he said I’ve got another child on the way,” responded a bemused Woodstock via Twitter. “Well that’s news to me LOOOOL”


Charlie Edwards @CEdwardsBoxing
I would never ever entertain The Sun I have some morals! #JFT96

British champion Charlie Edwards responds to an unwanted press request

Steve Wood (@SteveWoodVIP)
The camouflage kit of Burns is very good, not seen him do anything for 4 rounds

Promoter Steve Wood with an alternative commentary of Ricky Burns’ unification defeat against Julius Indongo last weekend

@anthonyfjoshua is a poor mans @frankbrunoboxer

Typical @Tyson_Fury always talking BS around fight time. Same offer as lst time. X2 ringside tickets dn’t bring a plus 1 it’s for ur fat ass

I might be fat, but your a paper champ & paper Chinned weightlifting rudeboy wannabe badman! Know your place chump!Or I’ll come back & ok u.

Shut up & give me a date when you’ll b back! YOU’RE the only reason we haven’t had a fight yet! b about what u say. I ain’t going know where

I’m a bad man, @anthonyfjoshua is a GRASS, #plasticbadmangetslapped any time or place. Truth hurts.

Anyways I’m off for a beer don’t need to train to beat weightlifters & bitches like @anthonyfjoshua & @EddieHearn #BUMCITYS

Hay @anthonyfjoshua I hear your getting battered by big @JoeJoyce_1 joker can’t deal with a amateur boxer never mind the GOAT.

After grandad bitchko deals with flex the old gypsy king will have to pick up all the pieces again, I’m the greatest ever, Alltime

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua engage in some heavyweight twit-for-tat


“Sky are relying a lot more on PPV cards, there’s no Ringside [magazine show] anymore and I wonder which way they’re going. I’ve read about how much money BT have ploughed into football and I think they’ll make a real go of it. It’s great to be at the start of that, there’s real enthusiasm, BT are a breath of fresh air.”

Josh Warrington explains why he has jumped ship to join Frank Warren’s New Era for Boxing

Anthony Yarde

“When the time comes, trust me, I’ll know what to do, I’ll stay composed. But I’m certainly not easing off and carrying anybody just to get ‘fake’ rounds on my CV. That’s cheating the paying public.”

Anthony Yarde insists he will not be pulling any punches before entering into title contention

“I’ve always said from day one after the British title – and even before – that if opportunities come up I am not going to hang around and defend it for the sake of owning it outright. A lot of British fighters who concentrate on owning that belt waste a lot of time and lose opportunities as well.”

Tommy Langford on why he won’t be a hostage to his Lonsdale belt

“During those years I took up boxing, because everyone was saying boxing is good for you and it’s a really good way of letting out aggression.”

Prince Harry says boxing training helped him through a reportedly chaotic couple of years when he was still struggling to come to terms with his mother’s death

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