TYSON FURY AND Derek Chisora met this afternoon at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the launch press conference ahead of their WBC World Heavyweight Championship clash at the North London venue on December 3, live on BT Sport Box Office and ESPN+ in the USA.

Tickets for the huge event go on sale at midday on Friday 21 October from ticketmaster.co.uk.

Key quotes from the opening media activity are below.

Tyson Fury

Firstly I want to say thank you to Frank and Bob, Queensberry and Top Rank, for putting on a fantastic show here. Secondly I would like to say a massive thank you to Frank Warren because he is a man of his word. Frank Warren promised me when I returned from my short retirement that I would fight in December.

We tried to fight Joshua, we tried to fight Usyk, we tried to fight a few people but they didn’t want no smoke. Frank is delivering this date on December 3, so a big shout out for that, Frank.

Also, massive respect, because in my bag I have 10 thousand pounds in cash that I have collected from Mr Frank Warren that he has brought for me today because I bet Frank that Joshua wouldn’t sign the contract.

Guess what, ten grand richer, tax free! That ten grand means more to me than ten million because I won it from Frank Warren. He beat me with Joe Parker the other week, now I have beaten him with this one, so fair play Frank.

Me trying to sit here and sell Derek Chisora to the fans. I have got to sell absolutely nothing to nobody because, if we go to that bar over there and order a treble Jack Daniels on the rocks, we know what the f**k it is gonna do. We know what it’s gonna do.

Don’t forget, you’ve got the so-called guys of the division that people say are top guys. We offer them big fights and no smoke. Offer it to Derek Chisora and, boom, he is sat here opposite me. The man has got balls and, in today’s society and this boxing game, there is a big lack of balls. And you know who you are, these people who want no smoke. With Chisora, he does what it says on the tin, he goes to war.

He’s changed his name from Dellboy to War and we’re gonna get a war.

I did outbox him comfortably the second time, but Chisora’s style has changed and, guess what, so has mine! I used to be a tippy-tappy boxer on the back foot, jibby jabbing around the ring.

Now I am HMS Destroyer.

So when you’ve got two heavy forces colliding with massive bombs, someone is getting knocked out.

That is all I am saying, if he lands on me with a big swing, I am getting knocked out. If I land a big swing on him, he is getting knocked out. The fans are going to win on the night, 100%. The 70,000 out there will sell out in one day. A second, back-to-back stadium fight and who better than my old mate Derek Chisora?

I promised for years to have a third fight, for good money, bringing it back to England again for the British economy in hard times. Me and Chisora are going to put on a hell of a fight and may the best man win.

Derek Chisora

A shout out to Frank Warren, Bob Arum and the Gypsy King. I’m buzzing. It is a great fight, I can’t really say much because they put a gag on me in the contract! So that is how I will leave it.

Tyson has always said there will be a third fight and the fight is here now, so I am excited and I thank Tyson for giving me the opportunity to fight him and a shout out to his whole family.

Is there bad blood? Not really, but I want to take what is his and make mine. I can’t box him, so I have to go in and mentally and physically take what is his to make it mine. For me to sit here and try and say different things, it is not the way I operate.

Now I have to get into my mindset that there is going to be loads of leather and punches chucked. But the end goal is I have to take what is his and make mine. That is my whole objective for this fight, what is him I want to make mine. Physically and mentally I want to come and take it. That is how I am feeling right now, I want to physically take it off him.

The same way he went to LA and Vegas twice, he went and physically and mentally took what was Deontay Wilder’s and made it his. This is exactly what I want to do, I want to come to Tottenham and physically take what is his to make it mine.

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