NATHAN HEANEY COULD hardly disguise his delight over his signing of a two-year extension to continue fighting under the promotional banner of Frank Warren and Queensberry.

The 14-0 middleweight from Stoke-on-Trent has been performing in Queensberry colours for his last four fights, resulting in four wins with three via stoppage.

The popular 32-year-old, with his trademark ring entrance, has become one of the best known and charismatic 160-pounders in the country.

Now, with a new deal safely tucked away in his locker, Heaney intends to continue his winning streak while working towards his ultimate goal of taking part in a marquee fight at the home of his beloved Stoke City.

“It was a massive day for me with getting the new deal sorted,” said Heaney, who completed the formalities with a visit to Queensberry HQ in Hertford. “Obviously when I got signed two years ago it was during the lockdown and it was a bit weird. It felt a bit disconnected really doing everything over email.

“It didn’t have that same feeling of going down to the offices and seeing Frank.

“This one was mint, I am so happy with everything and Frank was bloody brilliant. He knows I am never going to take the mick and he also knows I do my best to put on good shows and stuff.

“He was just brilliant, to be honest, and has been so great with me.”

Heaney now confirms that Project Potteries is underway in earnest with the plan being to showcase him on home soil.

“One million per cent. There has already been some discussion with Stoke City and some dates have been proposed but I don’t know if they might be too early in the year and Stoke are having some renovations done.

“That was the main objective of what we were speaking about really. We’ve got the two years and six fights in place so, in between that, we’d like to get the Bet365 Stadium in there.

“I’d love to fight around here anyway but the issue in Stoke is there are no venues. The only one I would want to fight in is the Kings Hall, but it is a 1,300 capacity and Frank knows I can sell pretty much double that.”

Before any glorious homecoming, Heaney will be back in action soon and he reports that a number of competitive names have been put forward.

“We have talked about some names who I would like to fight and there are some really good lads in there, but also winnable fights and hugely competitive.

“It is about building my profile as we go along because what we have in Stoke is unique and there are not many cases where a proper city just gets behind you.

“This is a story where you have got a lad from the small scene followed by 60 people to being one of the main people on Queensberry. It is a crazy tale, especially at the age of 32 as well.”

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